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At Aurora Training and Professional Services, we take pride in being a leading training provider for employers across various sectors, empowering businesses to meet the demands of their industries' markets by combining on-the-job training with formal learning. With support from our trainers and their workplace supervisors, trainees undertake their nationally recognised qualifications and gain the experience, knowledge, and skills to grow in their roles.


[/ˌtreɪˈniː.ʃɪp/ ] · noun

a vocational work-based education and training program that provides employees with the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to work in any industry.


These nationally recognised qualifications cover a diverse range of fields, including business, leadership and management, project management, retail, and general insurance. Each qualification represents a valuable opportunity for individuals to acquire essential skills and knowledge in their respective pursuits.


Certificate III in Business

Designed to prepare individuals with the foundational skills and knowledge necessary for diverse business environments. Students become familiar with common business software, improve their communication and customer service skills, understand how to prioritise their work tasks, and uphold safe work practices.


Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

Tailored for emerging leaders, this qualification provides specialised knowledge and skills. Students may gain autonomy, leadership abilities, and the capability to organise and monitor teams. They use problem-solving, application of solutions, and analysis of information from various sources.


Diploma of Project Management

This qualification enables individuals to apply project management skills in various sectors. Students acquire competencies and theoretical knowledge, preparing them to initiate, plan, execute, and evaluate projects independently and collaboratively.


Certificate III in Retail

Designed to emphasise supervisory roles, this course offers thorough training in customer engagement, store operations, and meeting organisational expectations. Students develop extensive product and service knowledge, improve their risk management and customer service skills, and acquire the confidence to work independently.


Certificate IV in Business

This qualification aims to equip individuals with knowledge and experience for supervision roles. trainees take initiative, plan workload, and problem-solve effectively. They may gain a solid theoretical knowledge base and the ability to analyse and synthesise information.


Diploma of Leadership and Management

Preparing individuals for leadership in diverse contexts, this qualification hones initiative and judgment. Students plan, organise, and monitor workloads effectively. They develop a strong theoretical knowledge base, the ability to analyse and synthesise information, and the communication skills to support others in the workplace.


Certificate IV in General Insurance

Designed for workers in the general insurance industry, this qualification imparts a comprehensive understanding of principles, policies, and regulations. Students develop analytical thinking and problem-solving skills, enabling them to navigate general insurance challenges confidently.


These nationally recognised qualifications are delivered and assessed by Aurora Training and Professional Services, RTO ID 90966, ABN 39 109 662 606. This training will deliver skills and knowledge to the industry standard but does not guarantee a job. We tailor training for people from diverse backgrounds, including those with a disability and we encourage all to apply.


In addition to workplace-based training, we provide online or hard-copy resources to support trainees in achieving their learning goals and successfully completing their traineeship. Workplace visits are key to allowing us to assess the trainee's progress and provide additional support and guidance as needed.


Trainees may attend face-to-face or virtual classes where the trainer conducts the training and assessment of the qualification.


Online learning is a self-paced learning approach where trainees are given access to learning and assessment resources. Trainees learn at their own pace and have access to and support from their trainers and assessors via telephone, email, and video call.


Trainees must meet the following criteria to be eligible for a fee-free* traineeship in New South Wales.


Trainees must be Australian Citizens, Permanent Residents, New Zealand Citizens who have been in Australia for at least six months, or Humanitarian Visa Holders.



Trainees must be full-time or part-time employed in permanent roles. Casual workers must become employed as permanent employees.



Trainees must be 15 years or older and no longer in secondary school.



Trainees must not hold the qualification they are enrolling for, nor a qualification in the same industry at the same level or higher.



Prior to the commencement of the traineeship, trainees must have been employed by their traineeship employer for less than:

  • 3 months if they worked an average of 30 hours or more a week;

  • 12 months if they worked less than an average of 30 hours a week.

Please visit for further information on New Entrant Traineeships.


*Please visit for more information on eligibility criteria for traineeships in New South Wales. Trainees that meet Smart and Skilled eligibility criteria in an identified category, as set out in the Smart and Skilled Student Eligibility Policy, can be eligible for funded training. This training is subsidised by the NSW Government.


"Aurora Training & Professional Services are easy to work with and the enrolment process is quite simple and conducted in a timely fashion. They encourage feedback from both employers and learners, creating a collaborative learning environment...

...Their professionalism, simplicity in the enrolment process, effective communication, and regular progress updates set them apart as a great training partner."

- Employer

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